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What You Can Expect

At Wappsfactor, we work together with you. We take pride in being a group of small teams that can focus on each and every client individually. Our employees aren’t just numbers, and neither are you. When you work with us to create your incredible app, you’ll notice we aren’t your typical app developers.


We love your ideas as much as you do! It’s our job to help you expand and develop it, not to change it. Therefore, we work with you, not against you, in creating the best possible app based on your initial idea.


Just because we strive for 100% quality all the time doesn’t mean we don’t have fun while doing it! Delivering your amazing ideas is our idea of fun, and while taken seriously, we love being able to feel comfortable with our clients to create better products.


At Wappsfactor, we’re open to our clients 100%. With so many businesses doing work ‘behind closed doors’ nowadays, our approach is to keep everything out in the open in order to gain trust from the people we work with.


Our developers have years of experience, and it’s always our goal to create quality for you. When it comes to bringing your ideas to life, we use only the best tools and techniques to do so. Your growth is also our growth, thus your success is our main focus.


We love building mobile as much we love technology. As a good development team, we are up to date with the latest news on the area.

For that reason we prefer to use Xamarin. This plaform allow us to create amazing native apps reusing between 70% to 100% of code. When posible, we recomend Xamarin.Forms. If the UI requirements are too diferent, Xamarin.IOS and Xamarin.Android are perfect to build the entire UI, just like any other native app.

But if you don’t feel confortable trusting on Xamarin platform, we also work with Objective C, Swift or Java building native apps. On the server side, we use to work with Microsoft Azure servers or other Unix based like Heroku or Parse.

Our Process Works For You, And With You

Our process in developing the best app for you is completely collaborative from beginning to end.
We bring you on the entire cycle with us. After all, it’s your idea!
How does it work? It’s simple!

‘Ideation’ - We’ll talk to you about your ideas, and help develop them alongside you. Does that mean we’ll try to take over? Absolutely not! We’re excited about every idea we hear from clients, and want to do our best to help them grow, not tear them apart.
Collaboration - Once we’ve got the basics of your idea in mind, we’ll work together on the designing process. Our team will listen to your input, create mock-ups for you, and we can cycle through what everyone likes, doesn’t like, etc. until we create the perfect platform for your app.
Development - Our team of developers is top-notch at what they do, but again, this is about you, so we’ll keep you informed and take every bit of input we can from you during the development stages. If changes need to be made along the way, we want to hear from you!
Launch and Review - Once your app is complete, we’ll launch it, and review it alongside you. This is the fun part! We’ll make sure everything works just like we discussed, make any tweaks if necessary, and release your app into the world! Congrats - your awesome idea is now an awesome app!

Ready to bring your great idea to life?

About us

It can feel nowadays like there’s an app for everything, from apps to get in shape, to help with shopping, and of course, apps for individual businesses. Surprisingly, not many businesses or ‘ideas’ turn to application development as a form of marketing, in comparison to traditional advertising methods, and it’s a ‘market’ that is still virtually untapped. However, those who do decide to turn their ideas into apps can be extremely successful.

At Wappsfactor, that’s our biggest passion - we are a ‘boutique’ company made from small teams of senior developers, with our clients’ needs and desires at heart. Because we’re a small business ourselves, we value every idea that comes our way when it comes to app development, big or small.

Please, take a look around, and discover what Wappsfactor can do to bring your idea to life.


Do you need a mobile store for your products?

We developed a fully customizable app for retail companies and stores, such as, supermarkets, pharmacies, clothes shops and more. Try the Liadi Market demo app for free!

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